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AlWasila Trust was created to provide opportunities for Muslims to help fellow Muslims.

Officially registered as a trust in Pakistan in the year 2012; AlWasila has been functioning informally since 2007. Over the years AlWasila has evolved from an individual’s humble efforts in the field of micro-finance, healthcare and community support to a widely recognized trust that holds seven subsidiary not-for-profit programs.

The Trust was founded by Asim Ismail, whose background in academics and entrepreneurship has greatly benefited the project. Along with AlWasila, Asim Ismail is the founder and principal of Fajr Academy, Fatiha Academy, Tarbiyah International curriculum and Tarbiyah International workshops.

AlWasila operates projects in the field of micro finance, healthcare, community service, and disaster relief management.

Our Vision


Our Vision

"To seek the pleasure and reward of Almighty Allah, and to help others in doing so as well"

Our Work

What we have done

Our Work

Balochistan Earthquake 2009

Distributed relief worth Rs.32 million

Sindh Flood 2010

Collected over Rs.30 million, meeting the basic necessities of 18000 people and adopting 88 families by providing them initial housing, food supplies and start-up loans. Six boats were purchased to rescue people and bring them to land.

Sindh Flood 2011

Collected over Rs.15 million, mostly disbursed as food supplies. Boats were again used to rescue people and the cattle on which their livelihoods depend.


Close to 28000 people were helped with special focus on more than 9000 widows and 2800 orphans. 8000 $ went into healthcare. Masjid, madarsah, schools, washrooms and play areas were built. Charity and iftar were provided.

Africa (Somalia)

A water project was initiated that covered 3 areas and 10000 individuals daily. Provided livelihood to over 2000 people. 12000 families received aid and food rations monthly. 610 orphans were adopted


1700 in Aceh and 1200 families in Arakan have been given food rations and donations. 2 mosques and a school have been built.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Ways to Donate


Ways to Donate

Types of Funds

You can make a donation to Zakat or Sadqa Fund

You can make a Zakat or Sadqa contribution to support Muslims vicitms in Burma / Syria / Somalia / Pakistan

Amenities and Services

If you would like to contribute any amenities and services please contact us.


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